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The 3 Natural Acne Fighting Ingredients to Look For

When it comes to clear skin, there is no reason to get complicated. Many of us turn to harsh chemicals or cheap synthetics to clear skin, when the truth is there are several all natural miracle workers that are ideal for smooth skin with no irritating side-effects.

Here are the top 3 all natural skin smoothing, blemish blasting, complexion perfecting ingredients to look for:

1. Willow Bark Extract. A natural form of salicylic acid, Willow Bark Extract works to turnover dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. This powerful acne fighter is derived from the White Willow Tree and has been used to treat skin ailments since ancient times. By sloughing off skin debris, Willow Bark Extract is extremely effective as a preventative acne solution. Look for daily facial washes or moisturizers infused with the ingredient to steer clear of breakouts before they start. Though salicylic acid may be more popular, it is really just a synthetic version of Willow Bark. Plus, many experts contest that Willow Bark Extract is able to penetrate the skin much more effectively than salicylic acid. Willow Bark Extract evens your complexion, while protecting against inflammation and future breakouts – think of it as an insurance policy for your skin.

2. Sulfur. True, many have an aversion to sulfur’s distinct smell, but if you can find the right sulfur containing product, this is one miracle ingredient your skin will thank you for. Talk about time-tested; sulfur use dates back to ancient times and is one of the oldest skincare remedies still in existence. Not just for acne, sulfur’s healing and antifungal properties are the cure for a wide variety of skin ailments. Use it as a spot treatment or as a cleanser, either way this is one all natural ingredient you can rely on.

3. Lavender Oil. While many people associate lavender with aromatherapy, there is actually much more to this ingredient than meets the… nose. That’s right; Lavender Oil not only smells incredible, but it also offers a world of benefits to your skin. For one thing, its stress reducing aromatherapies is a great way to keep stress-induced acne at bay. Plus, lavender oil has natural antifungal and antiseptic properties, perfect for targeting acne-causing bacteria. As an inflammation aid, Lavender Oil can soothe breakouts and assist in the healing process. To put it bluntly, there isn’t much that Lavender Oil can’t do.

Natural skincare continues to grow in popularity, and with ingredients like these, there is absolutely no reason to turn to damaging chemical alternatives. These three natural acne fighters have been around since the beginning, and it looks like they’ll be here till the end.