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3 Skincare Resolutions You Can Stick to

Let’s make a promise and resolve to have clearer, healthier skin in the new year. At the same time, let’s make this doable. Instead of implementing a long list of new products, regimens, and systems, HappyMe Skincare has 3 simple new year skincare resolutions that you won’t have trouble sticking with.

1. Start wearing SPF, everyday. Rain or shine, summer or winter, it doesn’t matter the weather; if UV rays are out at all, you are potentially damaging your skin. It is never too early to start preventing aging and sun damage. Try a moisturizing sunscreen like HappyMe’s Acne Healing Moisturizer SPF 15 and you can combine treatment, moisturizing, and sun protection into one easily managed step.

2. Stop scrubbing your face! The slightest bit of friction, especially on acne-prone skin, can cause inflammation, redness and irritation. Though all that rubbing might make it seem as if you are sloughing off dead skin, you are actually just moving around acne-causing bacteria and quite possibly causing new breakouts. Plus, all that rubbing and scrubbing has a tendency to irritate already inflamed skin even more! Sometimes this can lead to permanent scarring or post-acne marks. Instead, use a naturally exfoliating face wash that uses active enzymes to absorb dead skin without having to use any friction.

3. Keep it simple! The number one way to break a resolution is to make it too complex. Find an easy skincare regimen that fits your lifestyle and stick with it. Using a complete product system, like HappyMe, will ensure you are covering all the skincare basics and using ingredients specially designed to work together. The main way to achieve healthy, happy, glowing skin is through consistency.

Remember, when starting a new skincare system it can take up to six weeks to see results. So start your New Year skin regimen now and you’ll be looking flawless by Valentine’s Day!