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5 Tips to Lookin’ Pretty Christmas Morning

Let’s face it; most of us don’t arise from bed fresh as a daisy. Come Christmas morning, many will wake early, still in pajamas, bed-head and all. However, just because we’ve decided to go au natural doesn’t mean the cameras won’t be rolling. Take after take and picture after picture, your morning look will be cemented in family history.

HappyMe Skincare has 5 easy tips that will help you wake refreshed and fresh.

1. Lay off the eggnog and drink plenty of H2O. Keeping hydrated the day before will help skin to appear more dewy and supple. Plus, water helps flush out toxins to promote clearer skin.

2. Shower, shave, and moisturize. Taking a quick, warm shower before bed not only helps you relax, but it also ensures you’ll wake up fresher. Shaving at night also gives a closer shave than in the morning since skin has a tendency to swell through the night. Plus, it is a great way to exfoliate legs. Finish up with a nourishing lotion. Applying moisturizer within ten minutes of showering helps seal in moisture and promote a healthy glow.

3. Adhere to your usual treatment regimen. It is important to continue to wash, treat, and moisturize each night to maintain clear skin. If you want to add an extra sparkle to your look, try exfoliating with a gentle scrub or absorbing exfoliate before applying your treatment products.

4. Apply eye cream. Even if you’re not ready to begin a full blown anti-aging regimen, a little eye cream or gentle moisturizer dabbed under the eyes will go a long way come morning. Eyes will appear more rested and fresh.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. Many women agree that sleep is the best beauty product there is. To help ensure a solid night’s rest, try covering any electronics that might reflect light. Studies show that individuals sleep sounder when there is no light in the room. For extra relaxation, dab a little lavender oil on your wrists and temples for aromatherapeutic relaxation.

Come morning, tie your hair in a pony, brush your teeth, and quickly rinse and moisturize your face. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to sleep in extra fashionable pajamas as well.