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All I want for Christmas...

Kathy writes: All I wanted for Christmas was a stress free day of cooking and laughing and enjoyment with my family. Funny how sometimes the littlest things can throw a wrench in your plans. Seeing as how my husband and I are newlyweds we decided to host our families annual holiday party at our new home this year. So here I am, cooking, organizing and preparing a dinner celebration for 50 of our closest family and friends pretty happy because things were actually moving along very smoothly. Aside from the few typical stresses everything seemed ok, so I put my head down to rest with full confidence that all is going to be amazing on Christmas Eve. All...but the unexpected gift that Santa decided to leave me on my face.
I woke up the day before my party and felt it before I even saw it. A massive pimple right on my chin that I knew couldn’t be covered up with makeup even if I used cement and latex to try and hide it. I called my best girlfriend with tears in my eyes expecting to be consoled. To my surprise all she did was giggle and ask me not to worry she would be over in a bit with a solution to my problem.
What could possibly fix this with the little time I have before I have to host what now seemed like a thousand people at my house? When my friend arrived she handed me a little amber bottle that looked pretty unassuming and told me to dab the solution inside on my face that night before I went to bed. Always the skeptic, I couldn’t imagine how this could possibly work but I did it, thinking that it couldn’t hurt.
I woke up the morning of my party expecting not to see a dent made in my visitor on my face and had spent the whole night convincing myself it wasn’t so bad. I’m so happy to say I didn’t have to. Upon closer inspection my Pimple was gone! As quickly as it had showed up, it vanished just as quick! I couldn’t believe it but that miraculous little amber bottle worked.
That is why all I want for Christmas this year is Happy Me Skincare’s Overnight Pimple Eliminator. The overnight miracle solution that made my problem disappear.