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Beauty on a Budget

Your beauty routine shouldn’t break the bank. However, comparing high-priced serums to lower priced products can be tough. Savvy consumers want the best bang for their buck, while still getting the best results possible. So how do we begin to uncover the best possible skincare solutions and still have some money left for rent? Here are some tips to keep in mind:
1. Pay attention to what’s inside. Many of the same active ingredients used in luxury spa serums can be found in much more cost effective brands. Do your research to find out which ingredients do what, instead of blindly buying based on a brand name. You will be surprised to find how often you are paying for a fancy package, rather then what’s actually inside.
2. Use pure and quality formulas. Many products are packed with chemical fillers and sulfates, used only for their foaming qualities. Oftentimes, harsh chemicals can irritate the skin and cause unsightly inflammation. Choosing a formula that incorporates simple and natural ingredients means you can use less product in order to see results. Forgo the fragrances and dyes and look for products that are dense with active ingredients.
3. Look for multi-tasking products. Keeping track of a cleanser, a moisturizer, maybe some acne treatment, and of course, SPF protection can be tedious. In fact, piling on several different products at once may actually do more harm than good. Different chemicals may cause irritation when mixed, while others can cancel each other out. Our pores can only absorb so much, and too much is never a good idea. So look for products that are multi-talented. For example, HappyMe’s Acne Healing Moisturizer and SPF. This diverse product protects, clears, and moisturizes all in one. Not only does it save you time, but it also saves you money.
4. Choose products that count. Many companies churn out a different product for each possible need, when in reality your current skincare favorite may already be doing the job just fine. For instance, specialty products designed to “clear acne scars” may not be needed if you are already using an exfoliating wash and a quality moisturizer. Many essential oils, such as Bergamot Oil, moisturize skin while also evening skin’s complexion. Similarly, exfoliates like Willow Bark Extract gently turnover dead skin cells to reveal clearer, fresher skin.
5. Find your happy medium. While price does not necessarily guarantee effectiveness, it doesn’t mean you should grab the cheapest drugstore brand either. Compromise with your skincare solutions. Look for a happy medium that works, and be choosey about which products to splurge on. Once again, ingredients are key in deciding which regimen works for your specific skin.
The next time you stock up on skincare products, keep these tips in mind… and look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.