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Blemish-causing culprits

Wash, treat, moisturize; the basics of a clear skin routine are nothing new. But what about those who are still experiencing breakouts even after adhering to a strict 3-step regimen? Considering you are using the right ingredients for your acne, there may be a less obvious culprit causing those bumps. Here are several less obvious ways to combat breakouts.

1. Clean your cell phone. With all the texting and dialing with your fingers and then pressing your phone against your cheek, your phone is a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. If you are not disinfecting your phone daily you are greatly increasing your risk of breakouts. Wiping down the entire phone with an antibacterial gel daily will help protect your skin form bacteria.

2. Hair removal and makeup don’t mix. After tweezing or waxing the hairs on your face, your pores are exceptionally vulnerable to breakouts. If you are going partake in some hair removal, try and plan ahead so you can avoid any makeup or products that can potentially clog pores for 24 hours.

3. Do your hair, and then wash your face.If you are susceptible to hairline breakouts, this may be your saving grace. Sometimes hair products can seep down to the pores on our face, resulting in acne flare ups. Luckily, this is an easy fix. After applying products to hair, go ahead and cleanse your face to remove any residue that make have leaked down.

4. Eat oysters! Several studies suggest that a zinc deficiency can contribute to acne, so be sure to get your daily dose of zinc. Try oysters, red meats, and other shellfish for a zinc-rich diet. If you’re vegetarian ask your doctor about a zinc supplement.

5. Meditate on clear skin. Stressing about your breakouts will only cause more harm than good. It may sound far out, but the placebo effect, or the power-of-the-mind, can deliver huge results. Simply believing that your acne will disappear can help reduce inflammation caused by increased stress.