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Common Causes of Pimples

Pimples are never convenient. In fact, they usually show up at the most inopportune times and disrupt your day to day life almost taunting you to pick and pick till you can’t pick anymore. But why? Where did it come from? I haven’t been eating chocolate or any greasy foods lately, why the random bouts of acne, and how do I prevent them from ruining the big weekend I had planned?
The culprits may lie where you least expect them. Day to day life is full of bacteria, dirt and hidden oils that we wouldn’t even give a second thought to, if we didn’t know what to look for. Let’s examine some of the ways that bacteria can get from common household and daily items to our skin and possibly cause some unsightly breakouts.
Probably the most common cause of breakouts, especially along the hairline and the sides of the face is our cell phone. Sometimes we don’t realize where we set our cell phones down, especially in community places like lunchrooms, offices at work, restroom sink areas, etc. The amount of hidden bacteria in these places is prime zone to stick to the natural oils in the face and cause all types of breakouts to happen. Speaking of workplace skin hazards, touching our keyboards, answering work phones and getting that snack out of the vending machine might seem like routine, but when we touch our face after doing those things, the cross-contamination possibilities are endless.
Another thing we overlook is our bedding. The mix of daily oil and hair products that accumulate on our pillow covers can mean that your skin is basking in a veritable bacterial cesspool. Since we’re on the subject of sleep, how many of us are guilty of having that long day at work or a long night out and couldn’t muster up the energy to walk to the sink and wash our faces? I’m definitely guilty of that one, as I’m sure most of us are. The problem with that is most makeup, especially liquid foundations or dual powders contain things like mineral oils, mica and other things that are generally bad to have on for long periods of time, much less sleep in.
Some of these things are so routine we don’t even realize that we are doing them, but this should give you an idea about the unseen damages that could be done. If it’s too late and an unwelcomed visitor makes its home on your chin, no worries because we have a solution that can make sure their stay is a rather short and unpleasant one. For a pimple, large or small, Happy Me Skincare’s Overnight Pimple Eliminator is a miracle worker. One dab at night for one or two nights and the magic sulfur dries up the pimple and helps get rid of any evidence that it was even there.