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Countdown to New Year’s-Ready Skin

While the weather outside is frightful, your skin need not be. Got an important holiday party to attend? Well, don’t worry; HappyMe has some super festive skincare tips that will have your skin clear and glowing come New Year’s. Consider this your New Year’s countdown to clear, happy skin.

7. Continue a comprehensive skincare regimen that is suited for the weather. That means a mild, non-drying wash like HappyMe’s Natural Acne Cleanser, followed by a lightweight moisturizer and sun protection, at the very least.

6. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. For those with acne-prone skin, try an absorbing exfoliate like papaya or pumpkin. These will naturally eat away or absorb dead skin and debris and, unlike exfoliating scrubs, you won’t move around bacteria, potentially spreading infection.

5. Take time to rehydrate at least once a week. These dry winter months can be tough on skin. Though you may be keeping up with a daily moisturizing routine, a weekly deep hydration mask will nourish skin even more. Try smoothing on all-natural dark honey. As a natural humectant and healer, this is a miracle cure for acne in dry winter months.

4. While we all know drinking plenty of water is important, many of us are unaware that a daily dose of natural hot cocoa may also help improve skin. That’s right; all natural hot cocoa is super high in antioxidants and flavanols, which promote healthy skin circulation. This means brighter, clearer, and healthier skin. Who would have thought that a cozy fireside drink could cure your complexion? WARNING: Flavanol-rich hot cocoa is not equivalent to hot chocolate; be sure you’ve got the right stuff.

3. Take it easy on the hot showers! We know it is cold, but too long in a piping hot shower can be drying to skin. Instead, take quick warm showers and steam face over a pot of hot water. For even more purification, add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil to the water.

2. Eat clean. This will not only make you feel better, it will also make you look better. Remember healthy skin comes from the inside. So eat clean foods rich in vitamin A, Zinc, and Omega-3.

1. The parties are approaching, but before you apply makeup make sure your brushes are washed! Makeup application brushes are a safe haven for bacteria and buildup. Cleaning them regularly will help assure your skin stays clear.

There you have it! Seven steps to vibrant New Year’s ready skin.