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The Lifecycle of a Pimple

Did you know the lifecycle of a pimple will likely last eight weeks? Not to mention the additional time it can take for a post-blemish dark spot to heal. This is why it is so important to keep to a skincare regimen that will treat, but more importantly protect and prevent against new blemishes.

Oftentimes, we think our skin is in the clear when there is actually a code red blemish lurking just beneath the surface. When a pore becomes clogged with bacteria it may not always become immediately inflamed. So that new pimple that just popped up between your brows may not be a result of yesterday’s pizza after all. In fact, that new pimple may not be new at all – it could have been waiting beneath the skin for an entire month or maybe even longer!

So, let’s assume the pimple has three main states of existence: an unseen clogged pore beneath the surface, a visibly inflamed blemish, whitehead, or blackhead, and a left over patch of discolored or irritated skin. How do we eliminate the blemish at all stages? Well, as mentioned before the best bet is to prevent and protect. This can be achieved by adopting a 3-step acne regimen that includes a gentle, exfoliating face wash, a preventative pore clarifying treatment, and a moisturizer with SPF. This type of system will help maintain clear pores and prevent against scarring. However, in the case that an inflamed blemish does appear, it is important to treat it effectively and aggressively, without causing scarring or irritation. Using a sulfur containing on the spot blemish treatment like HappyMe’s Overnight Pimple Eliminator will not only kill acne-causing bacteria, but will also work to cease redness and inflammation, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. In the event you do experience discoloration, it is important to wear sunscreen daily to prevent the mark from darkening. Also, regular exfoliation can help speed the healing process.

Many times, when beginning a new acne regimen, individuals will find that their skin worsens before it gets better. This is likely a result of the new product working to clean out all the acne beneath the skin’s surface, which is why it is so crucial that when adopting a new skincare routine you stick to it for at least 8 weeks. After about two months of consistent care, your skin should start to clear, providing the new product is working as intended.

Too bad we don’t live in a world where the pimple’s life cycle is more close to that of a cicada…