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Post-Halloween Detox

Candy, late nights and heavy face paint is sure to do a number on your complexion. After a weekend of Halloween celebrations, your skin is probably looking a little ghoulish. Detoxify your skin with these post-Halloween skincare tips that will scare potential blemishes right out of their pores:

1. Lay off the sugar and carbs. New studies link high glycemic diets and acne, so while it is okay to indulge on a special occasion, make sure to keep away from the candy once the holiday is passed. Try eating lean proteins, leafy green veggies, and fresh fruits instead. Drink an anti-inflammatory tea like ginger.

2. Get some shut-eye. Our skin heals itself when we sleep, both internally and externally. Make sure to make up for all those late nights trick-or-treating.

3. Steam-clean your face. After you’ve washed with an exfoliating cleanser, give skin a steam cleaning that will open pores. Boil water and allow the steam to penetrate and open pores – this will make your skin more susceptible to whatever treatment you use next. For an added kick, infuse the water with lavender oil. Not only does lavender soothe skin, but its aromatherapeutic qualities soothe the mind as well. And relaxed skin is happy skin.

4. Try an at home detoxifying mask. For anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects, try a dark honey mask infused with tea tree or lavender oil. Or, if you’re not quite ready to forget Halloween, try a pumpkin mask. Pumpkin has natural vitamin A that brightens and detoxifies skin. Plus, its active fruit enzymes literally eat away dead skin. Mix pumpkin puree with some honey and get instantly smoother and brighter skin.

5. Moisturize and treat. To round out your post-holiday detox, finish with HappyMe’s Natural Acne Healing Moisturizer. This triple-threat of a product will give skin that perfect amount of moisture and prevent future breakouts.