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Red Carpet Skin

With awards season well on its way, all the top Hollywood skincare clinics are busy with stars coming in doing whatever they can to look red carpet ready. Spending thousands of dollars might be an option for some, but for the rest of us how do we look like a Hollywood starlet without spending the big bucks. Believe it or not there are some red carpet secrets we can do on a budget to ensure we have (or can fake) that glamorous face that is photo flash ready.
Getting ready for the big night starts weeks prior with a thorough at home regimen that consists of some important steps to ensure a clear face and beautiful palette. With air brushing and high definition foundations becoming the standard among Hollywood makeup artists, a smooth texture is a must to ensure a flawless application and skin that looks dewy and young. Achieving this look can be challenging if you haven't been exfoliating the right way at home. A proper exfoliation should come in the form of either a scrub or enzyme that removes dead skin cells manually, while using a little bit of an acid to assist in cell turnover.
Underneath all that cover up and blush should be a great primer to keep all your makeup in place even under the hot lights and flashing bulbs. Primers also minimize the look of your pores and keep your skin matte and smooth through all your touch ups throughout the night. Try our Pore & Fine Line Perfector and Primer to get a flawless, happy complexion at a nice price.
These are really simple steps that we can do at home, on a budget that not only gets us red carpet ready, but keeps our skin looking absolutely amazing every other day as well.