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Say Know to Pimples

How well do you know your pimples? Are you aware that there are several different types of acne? For instance, do you know the difference between a whitehead and a blackhead? The saying goes: “know your enemy” and the same applies to your acne. Having an understanding of the types of pimples on your skin will make you more able to treat them effectively. Here are the four main types of blemishes and how they can be handled:

1. Whiteheads: you’ve heard the name and, chances are, you’ve probably had the unlucky experience of knowing them firsthand. Whiteheads are fully blocked pores characterized by their small whitish appearance. They are caused from a buildup of oil and sebum. To treat whiteheads stick to a strict regimen of cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and treatment. It can also be helpful to steam the face for a deep clean. Never try and pop a whitehead. Because they exist under the skin, popping will likely cause more damage than good.

2. Blackheads: we’ve all seen them, those tiny black dots that love to inhabit the crevices around our nose. Similar to whiteheads, blackheads are cause by a buildup of oil and sebum. However, blackheads differ because they are exposed to the air. To treat blackheads stick to a comprehensive beauty regimen; consistency in key. For stubborn blackheads try an at home mask twice a week.

3. Papules may be the most stubborn type of acne. These small, flesh-colored blemishes are particularly frustrating due to their inability to be popped. Papules are basically inflamed follicles, so squeezing will only cause them to become more inflamed. Using products infused with a natural anti-inflammatory like Lavender Oil can help soothe papules. The key is to not become frustrated by a lack of results, papules in particular can take months to clear so remaining consistent with your regimen is the best bet.

4. Pustules are small blemishes with white or yellowed centers; this is because they are usually pus filled. Though it is tempting, it is important not to pick at pustules, which can cause scarring and further contamination. Try using products infused with tea tree oil or other anti-inflammatory ingredients. If an extraction must be made, visit an esthetician or dermatologist to avoid scarring.