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Scrub-Scrub to Radiant Winter Skin

Although we may have to say good-bye to our summer glow during these winter months, we don't have to say hello to dry and flaky skin. Exfoliating is the key to avoid this winter curse. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the top layer of your skin to expose the finer layer underneath. Without removing the dead skin cells, the buildup will clog your pores and encourage breakouts. Luckily, exfoliation is a simple but effective way towards radiant winter skin.
There are two types of exfoliations- mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation uses natural materials, such as orange oil, almond bran and walnut shells, as a means of scrubbing off the dead cells. Chemical exfoliation involves mild acids to take off the cells. Both types of exfoliators must be applied to wet skin with either a loofah or a sponge in circular motions. This process should be done only about once a week, depending on your skin. Use products designed for your skin type in order to avoid over drying and irritation. Always remember to apply moisturizer or lotion to the exfoliated skin after towel drying.
Exfoliation is the key to great skin all over your body. Make sure to use the proper exfoliants for each area- only use face exfoliators for your face. On gentler skin, such as the face and neck, make sure to scrub softer than you would on harder areas like your feet, elbows, or knees. Don't over-exfoliate or you could get unwanted redness, irritation or even wrinkles.
During this cold winter season, take advantage of some of the extra nights in. Exfoliate one night a week and your skin will look refreshed and ready for those holiday celebrations.