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The Skincare Rules that Should Never Be Broken

Like it or not, there is an order to things. Whether it is gym, tan, laundry, or wash, treat, hydrate, protect, these systems are in place for a reason… albeit, some are more crucial than others. Nonetheless, when it comes to your skincare regimen, it is best to keeps things consistent and in the right order. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to apply your moisturizer and then wash your face, would it? To receive the full effectiveness of a product, we must be sure we are not diluting it with what we put on before it.

First things first, wash your face. Be sure to choose a cleanser that fits in with the rest of your skincare regimen. If you are acne-prone and planning to use a spot treatment after you wash, be sure you are using a cleanser that will not react poorly, causing skin to dry out or irritate. Another useful tip is to wash with warm water; this opens pores so they are more susceptible to succeeding treatments.

Once your face is washed, you are ready for the next step in your regimen. If you are using a serum or acne treatment, it is best to put that on next; this is the product that will absorb the most fully in your skincare regimen. After allowing the treatment to set, you may then apply a lightweight moisturizer to your skin. It is helpful to wait three minutes between product applications to prevent dilution and to allow them to fully absorb into skin.

Once a moisturizer is applied, it is then necessary to apply a sunscreen. Because sunscreens are typically formulated to sit on top of skin, this should always be the final step in the regimen. Any products that are placed on top of sunscreen will probably not absorb into skin.

Something else to consider is consistency. Most skincare regimens work best when used on a regular basis. Consistency allows skin to adapt to a regimen and work more aggressively towards its desired results.

While sometimes it is fun to eat breakfast for dinner, this sort of mix up is almost always a mess up when it comes to skincare. Just wash, treat, hydrate, protect, and repeat for smooth, healthy, happy skin that you can rely on.