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Switch from Chemical to Natural in 3 Easy Steps

Are your facial products at war with one another? Let’s face it; pimples are a pain and most of us would take on just about anything to be free of them forever. However, drenching your skin in various chemical combinations may be doing more harm than good. Harsh chemicals can be drying and potentially dangerous to our bodies. Many of their ingredients have not been time-tested for results. Furthermore, there are many natural skincare alternatives that can produce equal if not better results. For instance, Willow Bark Extract is a natural alternative to Salicylic Acid that many researchers believe absorbs even better than its chemical counterpart. So, how do we make the switch to a more natural skincare regimen?

1. Know what ingredients work and how they work. If you are already using chemical products, either over the counter or prescribed, and they are working to clear your skin, find why they are working. For example, if you are using a retinoid like Tazorac, Acutane, Retin-A, or Differin, you are essentially using a chemical derivative of Vitamin A. The reason these chemicals are clearing blemishes is simply because they speed up cell turnover, which helps keeps pores clear and stop blemishes before they start. And while retinoids are great for chronic breakouts, they are also packed with potential side effects. Plus, there are various natural alternatives that can produce the same results! For instance, various fruit enzymes eat away dead skin and promote healthy cell turnover much in the same way retinoids do. Need a natural alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide? Try Tea Tree Oil. There is a natural alternative for just about anything.

2. A little patience goes a long way. As with any new skincare regimen, you have to stick with it in order to see results. Because many natural ingredients are less aggressive on skin, it may take several weeks before you see noticeable results. Additionally, when adopting a new regimen you can expect skin to get worse before it gets better. This is usually evidence that the product is working. Because breakouts begin beneath the skin, they must first be purged before skin can become honestly clear. Give your natural skincare regimen 8-15 weeks of consistency before becoming discouraged. With a little patience and consistency, you’ll find your natural skincare routine will have your skin clear, well-balanced, and glowing like never before.

3. Adopt a complete regimen.If you are going to make the switch to natural, go all the way. This means having a complete skincare regimen that works together to bring you beautiful, happy skin. Look for natural product lines that provide a complete regimen: a wash, moisturizer, and treatment at the very least. Mixing and matching brands can throw your skin out of balance. When using a step-by-step system like HappyMe, you can ensure each product and its ingredients are working in unison toward the same goal: smooth, soft, healthy skin.