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You’ve Popped a Pimple… Now What?

You’ve committed the ultimate skincare sin: you’ve popped a pimple. Now, your skin is inflamed and irritated. Even worse, you may have created a post-blemish mark that can take years to heal. But instead of preaching why you should never pop a pimple yourself, HappyMe Skincare is going to bestow some tips on what to do to recover skin once you’ve succumbed to pimple popping temptation.

First, let’s clear up some myths about blemishes. When they say you should never pop a pimple, they mean just that: You. However, this does not mean a dermatologist, aesthetician, or trained professional shouldn’t. In fact, dermatologists often perform extractions on their patients. Using a needle and proper technique, a professional is able to carefully extract a pimple without damaging tissue or further contamination. If you are tempted by a glaring whitehead, your best bet is to visit a dermatologist. If you still insist on popping your own pimple, be sure to educate yourself on how to do this effectively and with minimal damage.

For the sake of education, let’s assume the damage is done and you’ve ignored all the advice. You’ve popped, you’ve squeezed, you’ve picked and scraped and now there is an equally (if not more) distracting mark on your face. Luckily, there are still some very basic steps you can take to set things right.

1. Be sure to wash your face and keep the area clean. Many times, a popped pimple is like having an open wound on your face, keeping it clear of bacteria will help to prevent infection or further irritation.

2. Use a spot treatment like HappyMe Skincare’s Overnight Pimple Eliminator. The active sulfur targets acne causing bacteria. While essential oils like Lavender Oil helps heal the blemish. Another great plus, the Overnight Pimple Eliminator is infused with Bergamot Oil which can help reduce post-blemish marks caused by popping.

3. Let it heal. Whatever you do, don’t try and pop it again. The redness and inflammation is likely a result of the squeezing. Despite what we think, popping and picking will not flatten a pimple. Instead, try using a topical treatment infused with an anti-inflammatory like Willow Bark Extract.

4. Resist covering up. While you might be tempted to cover up the inflammation with foundation or concealer, avoid applying makeup on the affected area.

5. Sleep. Our cells regenerate while we sleep, so be sure to get some rest.

While you shouldn’t be picking your face in the first place, salvaging skin after a blemish disaster is not impossible. For more tips on how to address acne-prone skin, check out www.happymeskincare.com .