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Wedding Season Skin Countdown

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a blushing bridesmaid, or a happy guest, wedding season is here. And when that photographer comes your way, you’ll want your skin to appear radiant and fresh. After all, that wedding album is sure to last a lifetime. To ensure it is only clear skin and not a pimple to be cemented in wedding album history, HappyMe Skincare has some pre-wedding tips to get you ready for your close-up.
Start a comprehensive skin regimen that will clear and nourish skin from the inside out. Ingredients are important; your body will absorb what you put on your skin, so steer clear of harmful toxins that may pollute your body. It isn’t just about clear skin; it is about glowing, healthy skin too.
Begin with a mild exfoliating face wash. Instead of products with rough exfoliating beads or sands that may potentially irritate and redden skin, try a product with a natural exfoliate like Willow Bark Extract. This natural form of salicylic acid gently clears skin and exfoliates by turning over dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation gives skin a vibrant glow and an even complexion – an essential for bridal season.
Now that your complexion is in the clear, it is time to moisturize to achieve that youthful, dewy look. Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways to hydrate skin from head to toe. Water flushes out toxins which cause acne, plus it is a great way to stay slim. In addition to liquid, choose a moisturizer that works for your skin. We recommend one combined with SPF and acne-fighters to ensure pimples stay at bay and skin is safe from sun. For an extra boost in skin beauty, try a multi-vitamin or skin support supplement to be sure your skin receives vital nutrients.
While an effective regimen for your face is crucial, it is equally important to nurture skin from the neck down as well. Summer bridal fashion is all about the neck, shoulders, back and chest, so don’t neglect that décolletage. HappyMe’s Neck & Chest Repair with SPF 30 has skin protectors and essential oils to keep skin looking supple and soft.
With all the stress leading up to the big day, it is important to take time to relax and rest. Try a homemade facial mask to soothe and calm skin. Remember stress and fatigue can do a number on skin, so do what you can to lighten the mood. Lavender Oil’s therapeutic aroma helps to calm nerves; it is also a natural acne-fighter. Try dabbing a little on your temples or choosing a skincare product infused with natural lavender oil.
Even with all the prepping and pampering in anticipation of the wedding, a pimple emergency is never fully out of the question. Just in case a last minute pimple emerges, be sure to keep HappyMe’s Overnight Pimple Eliminator on hand. It’s gentle, but effective, formula begins to dramatically reduce blemishes on contact, so you can clear pimples while you sleep.
When at last the wedding day has come, prep skin with a primer to minimize pores and ensure makeup goes on evenly. We like the Pore & Fine Line Perfector and Primer. Its skin smoothing formula leaves complexions velvety soft and adds a flawless airbrushed appearance that will last well into the night.
With these simple tips and some waterproof mascara, you are well on your way to exquisite bridal skin. Say “I do” to happy skin.