Happy Me Skincare

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  • The Natural Alternative to Proactiv® and AcneFree®
PETA Certified Cruelty-free, Vegan and free of Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrances, and Artificial Dyes

About HappyMe Skincare

In our world, happy skin is more than clear skin; it is waking up in the morning with better skin than you had the night before. HappyMe Skincare’s effective formulas are made from luxurious natural ingredients, including Olive Leaf Extract, Willow Bark Extract, and Lavender Oil, designed to fight acne-causing bacteria while soothing and nourishing skin too. By combining nature’s most powerful cures with natural healing properties, HappyMe keeps skin free from embarrassing breakouts and chemical dry outs.
With over a decade of research and results cultivated in the world's leading luxury spas, HappyMe has eliminated parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes from its skincare products, making HappyMe completely free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Instead, each HappyMe product is infused with natural aromatherapies and essential oils that relax and nurture skin, protecting against inflammation, acne marks, dryness, and free radicals. What’s more, HappyMe is not only good to your skin; it is kind to our animal friends too. All of HappyMe’s products are 100% vegan and are never, ever tested on animals.
More than just skincare, HappyMe is skin-love.
Happy Skin. Happy Life. HappyMe.

About PEY Beauty & Health
Products PEY Beauty & Health specializes in luxurious, natural and effective skincare. After over a decade of providing elite spas and five-star hotels with luxury skincare products for the rich and famous, the creators of PEY Beauty & Health used the same luxurious ingredients to develop products accessible to everyone.
The research and development team at PEY Beauty & Health has been instrumental in keeping celebrities looking red carpet ready with the use of their exclusive products and healthy skin solutions. Top fashion magazines, including Elle and Marie Claire, repeatedly awarded their products with top honors.
Through the HappyMe Skincare brand, PEY Beauty & Health is leading the industry with the use of spa quality ingredients in combination with natural aromatherapies and age-old skincare remedies. The affordable prices and wide availability at drug stores, mass retailers and online outlets makes this line easily accessible as well. Created and manufactured in the United States by the same research and development team responsible for the glimmering skin of the elite, PEY Beauty & Health's products are now available to grace the skin of shoppers worldwide.