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  • The Natural Alternative to Proactiv® and AcneFree®
PETA Certified Cruelty-free, Vegan and free of Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrances, and Artificial Dyes

Customer Reviews

I tried the acne products. I liked how the moisturizer didn't make my face oily afterwards. I liked the overnight pimple eliminator. And I liked that the face wash didn't leave my face feeling dry and tight. I would use all 3 products on a daily basis. - Tasha V.

I really liked your products. I could tell a difference in my skin immediately. I definitely will purchase your products. Thank-you. - Terry S.

My daughter used the sample and loved it. As soon as it became available we ordered the set for her and she was so excited when it arrived yesterday! She says she can tell a difference in her acne after only 2 uses!I can't wait to try the anti-aging products!Thank you HappyMe for making my 13 year old daughter feel better about her skin! - Lori G.

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Customer Reviews: All Products

I have received my free samples and I have to say that I was pleaseantly surprised. I loved the fact that a little goes a long way and it really seemed to work! I'm a 37 year young woman and I have tried all types of products and I am actually excited and interested to use more. Thank you - Shannon J.

Natural Acne Wash I loved because of the gentle feeling I got. Exfoliating washes I have used in the past are too rough and leave my skin dry, not the case with yours. Amazed the overnight pimple reducer does what it says I felt a pimple coming on put on before bed 3 days pimple gone. Love healing acne moisturizer - is excellent - the best I have tried. I loved and would buy your skincare products, also shared info with several friends. Thank you for the free sample! - Dena S.

I received a face wash and the healing ance cream free samples from HappyMe. I loved the texture and feel of the face wash (if only there was just a little bit more so my husband could have tried it also). My skin is combination - dry cheeks and oily t-zone. The healing lotion was a great combination of acne medication and moisturizer - so many times I dry out my healing pimples too much and it causes a very visible scabs that are difficult to cover. The healing lotion did not do this- it healed and moisturized at the same time, again I wish I had gotten a little more but from what I did try, I loved these products- thanks so much! - Jessica D.

OMG! I love the HappyMe Skincare acne products. The overnite sulfur lotion works wonders! I have had acne my whole life and this product actually works! Will defiently be buying full size products! - Janel K.

When I received my sample for my teenage son, he was none too thrilled at trying yet another product to clear his face up. Reluctantly he tried it that night before bed and in the morning was demanding in a very excited tone that I needed to BUY THIS STUFF! His face was like a night and day difference from just hours before. After the second day, we were so sold on the product, we were disappointed that we had to wait for it to arrive somewhere for purchase! This stuff is amazing and after all we have tried, including prescriptions, you have us as faithful followers for life! Thank you for making the change that my son needed for clear skin! - Melinda M.

I recently tried some samples of HappyMe Skincare natural acne healing products and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results. The products felt very soothing, yet seemed to be quite effective. I like that they are natural and better yet, vegan. Although I'm a long-time vegetarian (about 20 years now), I often buy vegan products and hope to eventually be vegan. This product would be a great option to have that would meet my needs. I am intertested in trying more in this line of products in hopes of seeing similar great results. - Margaret T.

HappyMe Skincare is a brand of natural acne products I recently got the opportunity to sample and review. Made from essential oils and extracts from Australia, Morocco, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, HappyMe is probably the most natural, yet still effective skin care around. I have extremely sensitive skin, but HappyMe worked fine without any irritation. I am definitely using HappyMe again. - Stephanie G.

Have to admit I like this product. The lotion was not greasy and actually kept my skin moisturized for quite some time. Thank you - Sarah C.